Investment Planning

Our Financial Planners provide independent financial advice and take care to fully understand the needs and goals of all our clients to enable us to provide tailor-made financial solutions to ensure that our clients have made sufficient financial provisions in all the aspects of their financial planning.

Through our sophisticated software we are able to access our clients existing policy and portfolio information (which they may have through the different insurers in South Africa) which enable us to accurately analyse each clients financial situation.

We offer advice to clients on investment and asset management and identity effective investment strategies according to the investor’s financial goals. Tax implications and associated risks are taken into consideration for every investment portfolio. All investments are monitored closely and are reviewed with the client as often as agreed to by the advisor and the client.

By using the wide range of investment platforms available to us, we are able to offer the client a unique investment portfolio which is not limited to a specific investment house or a single investment type.




Integration of tax planning into each client’s financial plan/portfolio



Full needs analysis are done to establish each clients different needs



Regular and ongoing portfolio reviews

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